How did CallMyDoc get started?
Posted by Carl Silva


On our fist date, my wife was continually getting called by her answering service. She had no way to know who was calling her or why they were calling her. I thought coming from Bell Communications Research that was extremely bizarre, since she was using an iPhone.

So on our first date we came up with the idea for the CallMyDoc app, so it would tell her who is calling and why, and she could either click on one button to call the patient back, or the app could call the patient back by itself.

So now without getting up from the table at a restaurant, she can review which patient is calling her and why in a transcription of the message the patient left, she can view a summary of the patient's chart, and decide what she wants to do.  She can have the app call the patient back to tell them she will call them back in ten minutes.  She can send in a refill from the app and it takes care of all of it and tells the patient where to pick it up.  She has control over who calls her and when.  And when she is finished, the app documents the call and puts it back on the patient's chart.

She can have a life and spend more time with her family and reduce and eliminate unnecessary interruptions.

Now CallMyDoc provides an invaluable service to doctors and to patients in 34 states, and handles over 200,000 calls a month.  It integrates with athenahealth, Prime Clinical, NextGen, and soon Epic and Cerner 

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