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Posted by Carl Silva


Automated patient call answering that reduces errors, rapidly responds to patients

By Tina Joros


Physician practices handle thousands of afterhours and weekend patient calls that often go undocumented. Even if documented, the calls are then entered into the EHR manually from memory or from notes on a napkin.


In a world where so many of our day-to-day tasks can now be streamlined with technology, why continue to enter this information manually when solutions are available to automate the process?


That’s why we chose CallMyDoc as our February App of the Month. This solution makes a real difference in clinician and staff workflow by enabling them to focus on what matters most: providing amazing patient care.


The experience that led to this app’s creation


“My wife is a doctor and on our first date, she was continually getting called by her answering service. She had no way to know who was calling her or why they were calling her. Coming from Bell Communications Research, I thought that was extremely bizarre, since she was using an iPhone,” CallMyDoc founder Carl Silva said.


Together, Carl and his wife came up with the idea for the CallMyDoc app to provide automated patient call answering to:

  • Reduce errors
  • Respond more rapidly to patients
  • Track and manage all patient calls after hours and during the day


This application enables doctors to know who is calling and why, without getting up from the table at a restaurant.


Carl’s wife can review which patient is calling her and why in a transcription of the patient’s message. Then, she can view a summary of the patient's chart and decide what she wants to do.


The app has the ability to call the patient back to tell them she will call 10 minutes. She can send a prescription refill from the app, which then tells the patient where to pick it up. And when she is finished, the app documents the call and puts it back on the patient's chart.


CallMyDoc eliminates all of the manual work of entering data into the EHR that can slow practices down when document after-hours calls. Tracking everything that happens when a live person cannot answer the phone or when a doctor works with a patient off hours ensures accuracy and eliminates wasted time.


Interested in learning more? Join us for the CallMyDoc app of the month webinar at 1 PM ET Feb. 27.


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